Why Sponsorship?

Because it works!

Sponsoring children transforms entire communities. It first provides nutritious food, clean water, and basic healthcare so children can get past physical needs.  Once physical survival needs are addressed, children have a real chance at getting the education and training needed to grow into leaders and change agents in their communities.

There are more than 163 million orphans in the world—and millions more children living in destitute, deplorable conditions.  Children who have lost one or both parents.  Children who live with a widowed mother or elderly grandparent who is unable to provide for them.  Children who suffer the abuses or disregard of relatives who have unwillingly “inherited” them.  Children who take on the role of parent to their younger siblings, heading up orphan-headed households.  And worst yet, children who have no one at all—those who are left to fend for themselves, the most vulnerable.

Life in a developing country or impoverished community is a struggle for anyone, but the children feel this struggle the most.  Imagine growing up in a world where you lack the very basics in life: food, shelter, clean water, medicine, safety.  A world where an education is considered a luxury—there is minimal money for food or medical treatment, let alone for school fees.

Imagine a world where children, especially girls, are denied an education as they are expected to work the farms, gather firewood or food, or care for younger siblings.  Imagine a world where children marry or have children early or even beg or steal to survive.  A world where death visits all too frequently in the form of malaria, malnutrition, or dysentery.

Now imagine being able to do something about it.

By sponsoring a child, YOU CAN!

For about a dollar a day—the cost of monthly sponsorship—you can lift an orphaned or destitute child out of poverty—changing their life TODAY and giving them HOPE for the future.

Why sponsorship?  Because sponsorship will change a child’s life—and yours too!

Sponsor a Child!