What’s Next after Sponsorship?

So you’ve embarked upon this exciting journey. You’ve sponsored a child. Now you’re wondering, what’s next? Here are some additional things you can do to have a greater positive impact in your child’s life, help promote Feed the 5,000, and grow your heart.

Become a Feed the 5,000 Advocate

Make your compassion contagious by becoming an official Feed the 5,000 Advocate and committing to get five children sponsored.. If you already are an Advocate, visit the Advocate Center for resources and help.

Write Letters to Your Sponsored Child

One of the most powerful ways you can impact your child’s life is to correspond with him or her regularly. Personal letters or emails from sponsors put real “flesh and blood” on the things that your financial giving provides.

Send your child a family photo and brief introduction. Involve your own children. Take turns having members of the family write letters. As your sponsored child responds back, keep an album or scrapbook to record the developing relationship, and to serve as a testament to God’s faithful love.

Refer to your child sponsorship organization’s website for information on how to communicate with your child.

Involve Your Small Group

Engage your small group to do something collectively to promote Feed the 5,000 and raise awareness for poverty. Ideas include:

  • Plan an outreach activity such as serving together at a local rescue mission;
  • Read the book The Hole in Our Gospel by Rich Sterns of World Vision and do the small group studyl
  • Encourage group members to sponsor a child, or have the group sponsor a child together.

Email Your Friends and Family

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Questions and Feedback

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Consider donating to Feed the 5,000 through newlife

Can’t afford to sponsor a child but want to do something? Have you already sponsored a child and are looking for other ways to give?

We need financial support to keep the campaign going. Your donation to support Feed the 5,000 will help reach more potential sponsors and Advocates by covering essential costs like printing, hosting, and so on. Remember – 100 percent of your sponsorship donation goes to the sponsorship organization you choose! These donations to Feed the 5,000 are just to cover the hard costs of the movement.

Note: When you log in to give through the newlife portal, under “Fund” be sure to choose “feedthe5000.org.”

Donate Now

Pray and Fast Regularly for Your Sponsored Child

Pray together as a family at dinner or during devotions. Maintain a prayer journal to keep track of your prayers and how God answers them.  Set aside one meal a week as an opportunity to fast and offer focused prayer for your child and for the Feed the 5,000 movement.

Spread the Word

Using Social Media

Share about Feed the 5,000 with your friends on Facebook/Twitter.

  • Use your Facebook account to promote Feed the 5,000.
  • Share about your sponsorship activities using your Facebook Update.
  • LIKE the Feed the 5,000 Facebook Page.
  • FOLLOW Feed the 5,000 on Twitter.
  • “Like” articles and updates that are posted on the Feed the 5,000 Page.
  • Share articles, links, and updates from the Feed the 5,000 Page to your own Facebook wall.

At Work or at School

  • Post information about Feed the 5,000 and sponsoring a child on the bulletin board (make sure to get permission first);
  • Ask your employer or school administrators for suggestions on how they can be involved.

In Your Neighborhood

  • Go door-to-door throughout your neighborhood and pass out information about Feed the 5,000.

On Your Website or Blog

  • Copy and paste the Feed the 5,000 widget/badge to your website/blog
    Feed the 5,000

Go on a Short-Term Missions Trip

Few things can better help you to appreciate the challenges of poverty than to actually participate on a missions trip. Newlife offers numerous short-term missions trip opportunities throughout the year. For more information, email missions@newlifekitsap.com.

Visit Your Sponsored Child

Plan a visit to your sponsored child. Obviously, something of this nature will take advance preparation and planning. Many nonprofit organizations allow and encourage their sponsors to actually visit their child and will help with making the necessary arrangements.

Send Your Child Special Gift Offerings

A couple of times during the year, through your sponsorship organization you can send an extra financial gift to your child or their family to cover additional needs and expenses. Your generosity and sacrifice can impact an entire family or village with a meaningful demonstration of God’s love.

Share Videos

Post the following videos to your Facebook page, Tweet them, like them on YouTube – you get the idea!