Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why sponsorship?

A: Child sponsorship is one of the easiest, most direct ways to impact the life of an orphaned or destitute child.  Your investment in an individual child’s life not only benefits that one child, but has the possibility of impacting an entire family, a community, and even a nation—breaking the cycle of poverty.

Q: Why 5,000 kids?

A: Jesus already showed us anything is possible if we give Him our lunch. He took one child’s lunch and fed 5,000 with it. We believe if we give our lunch, Jesus can use it to feed the world.

Sponsorship costs approximately $30/month – the equivalent of one lunch per week for a month. Give Jesus your lunch and sponsor a child now at

What is it going to take to get 5,000 kids sponsored in one year, from a church with around 2,500 participants? A miracle, that’s what.

Q: If I already sponsor a child, does that count?

A: Absolutely!  Go to to make sure your existing child sponsorship is included toward our goal.

Q: Can I choose an organization other than the five listed?

A: Definitely! You can choose to sponsor a child from any organization that you want to – and it counts! Be sure to go to and tell us about your sponsorship.

Q: Why were the five sponsorship organizations chosen?

A: The five organizations highlighted for Feed the 5,000 were chosen as trustworthy, reputable options for child sponsorship. Each met specific criteria to be highlighted, including reputations for good stewardship, experience in the field, connection to newlife, and above all, a focus on carrying out the mission of Jesus.

There are many good organizations out their doing child sponsorship (and you are welcome to sponsor through them as well!).

Q: If I don’t go to newlife, can I still participate?

A: Of course! Our goal of sponsoring 5,000 children will not be possible solely from a church of around 2,500 participants.  Tell your family, tell your friends, tell EVERYBODY!  We are excited to see how God uses newlife, Kitsap County, Washington state, the US and beyond to impact the lives of children around the world!

Q: How long will Feed the 5,000 run?

A: As a movement, we hope for a very long time! Our goal to get 5,000 kids sponsored is one year. That gives us until March 2012 to accomplish the goal.