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Welcome to the Advocate Center, a resource page for Feed the 5,000 sponsors who want to take their adventure to the next level. Advocates commit to networking with people in their sphere of influence and recruiting five or more additional sponsors.

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Spread the Word through Social Media

Leveraging the powerful tools of today’s social media networks allows you to effectively expand your sphere of influence and easily share your passion for Feed the 5,000.

Facebook Tips

By far the most popular social network, Facebook, enables you to connect and communicate easily with ‘Friends’ that you add to your network. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, take a few minutes to set one up:

For people who are already actively participating on Facebook, here are a few basic strategies you can use to promote Feed the 5,000:

  • Use Your ‘Status Update’ regularly to share about your Feed the 5,000 experiences
  • Publish ‘Links’ to your Facebook profile from the Feed the 5,000 website, blog, and Facebook Page
  • ‘Like’ the Feed the 5,000 Facebook Page and any updates or comments relating to Feed the 5,000
  • Create your own Feed the 5,000 Facebook Group and invite potential child sponsors to participate

Twitter Tips

Twitter has become another popular social media platform where people connect and share information. To create your Twitter account, go to

Other Social Media Networks

Some additional social networks to consider are MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube.

Write a letter

One of our passionate Advocates wrote a letter to hand out to neighbors, and hang at work to get the word out and try and get their five kids sponsored. Click to download a version below!

Create Your Own Blog

There are a number of free and easy-to-use platforms you can use to  create your own personal blog and publish information about Feed the 5,000. Here are a few suggestions:

Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and Posterous.

Share Videos

Post the following videos to your Facebook page, Tweet them, like them on YouTube – you get the idea!

Touch Cards

Here’s a great way to spread the word about Feed the 5,000! Touch Cards will be coming soon to newlife gatherings starting in April, as well as a downloadable PDF version for printing.