Founded locally in 2003, Sakila Sponsorship Program’s main objective is to provide better education for the children of Sakila, Tanzania for the purpose of growing Christian leaders whose moral and ethical compass is inline with God’s Word. We do this by being extremely involved in the lives of the children and their families. Our local, indigenous staff has an intimate knowledge of the children enabling us to provide emotional, spiritual and psychological support in addition to a superior education.

  • Because of a volunteer stateside staff 100% of your child’s sponsorship goes toward education, food, uniforms and healthcare for the children of Sakila.
  • Many of the sponsors and supporters here have come alongside to bless the children with quilts, hats, school supplies and other practical aid.
  • Several of the surrounding villages are receiving help in the form of food aid in addition to the children and families of Sakila.
  • Correspondence between child and sponsor is encouraged through our local office and even visits to Sakila Village to meet your child can be arranged.
  • The sponsors and supporters are making a profound difference in the lives of the children and families of Sakila. We expect many leaders and professional people to come from the Christian love, care and free education these children are receiving.
  • Someday those who are receiving this free education will continue the program by providing the same blessing for the children of the next generation.
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Sakila Sponsorship Facts
  • $30 – monthly cost of sponsorship
  • Tanzania, East Africa – where Sakila village is located
  • 2003 – year founded
  • 100% – funds that go to field programs (office expenses covered by private funding)