GO on the Mission

GO on the Mission is a network of people, churches, and organizations committed to living out Jesus’ mission to heal the world. GO currently ministers in Kitsap County, Washington (USA), Mazatlan (Mexico), Senegal (Africa), and Sierra Leone (Africa). Child Sponsorship is currently offered in Mazatlan and Senegal with other locations coming in the future.

GO on the Mission is:

  • Local and global.
  • Engaged in every aspect of culture.
  • Committed to strengthening local churches seeking to transform culture through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Providing training and mentoring to those called to plant churches.
  • Constantly training up the next wave of leaders for every aspect of the ministries with which GO is involved.

For just $35/month, you can sponsor a child. Through your generosity, this child will receive Bible education, clean water, and nutritious food and be able to attend school. Most importantly they will learn about Jesus. You are making a significant impact in the life of this child. Your faithfulness will make it possible for this child to grow up healthy and to bring healing and transformation in their nation and beyond.

Each sponsor receives:

  • A photo
  • A brief bio of the child (name, age, parents, siblings, interests, favorites team, favorite color, favorite kind of toy, etc.)
  • Two letters per year: Fall (after school begins) and Spring (at school end)

With GO on the Mission you can choose to sponsor a child at the cost of $35 per month. Go to www.goonthemission.org to sponsor a child today.

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GO on the Mission Facts
  • $35 – monthly cost of sponsorship
  • 4 – countries where GO on the MIssion works
  • 2010 – year founded
  • 80% – funds that go to field programs
  • 20% – funds that pays field staff