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Video: A vision for the 5,000 emerges

by Feed the 5,000 | 05.16.2011 | No comments | Posted in General, Stories, Video

Have you wondered how the vision for Feed the 5,000 was planted? Here’s the story, including a video of the trip that started it all…

The vision for the movement came into focus when newlife pastor Wes Davis was on a trip to Nairobi, Kenya with Compassion International. In Wes’ own words:

In the slums of Mathare, 800,000 people live in two square miles in shacks just bigger than my bathroom. Yet it is here that the church is bringing hope by preaching a gospel that includes caring for people’s practical needs – feeding the poor, educating the children, and providing basic health care.

While on the trip, I was reflecting on the story in John 6 of Jesus feeding the 5,000 people with one boy’s lunch. I sensed the Holy Spirit say to my heart – “give up your lunch so a child can eat” and the question hit me: “Could Jesus feed the world with our lunch?”

What is it going to take to get 5,000 kids sponsored in one year, from a church with around 2,000 attendees? A miracle, that’s what.

Just like the boy who offered his lunch to Jesus, all we can do is give what we have. Then we have to have faith that God will do the rest.

(video edit thanks to Trent Jenkins at Bayside Church)

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